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Eco by Sonya

Glory Oil Special Edition | Eco By Sonya

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The holy grail.

This supernatural, cold pressed oil, Glory Oil, is a powerhouse of omega 3, 6 & 9. There’s not much it can’t do, it’s pure liquid gold. 

Glory Oil offers compassion to your skin and is used on scars, fine lines, skin irritations and problematic skin - or just those that are chasing a radiant complexion.

Helps reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines & wrinkles.

Nourishes and restores skin without being greasy or heavy.

Plumps the skin and smooths the complexion.

Soothing for a variety of irritating skin concerns.

Assists in calming red, dry skin.

Nourishing for nails, cuticles & hair.

We have lots of customers who swear by using Glory Oil to help clear their acne. Try it as a treatment once or twice a week it’s amazing, as it is an anti inflammatory and omega-rich oil that helps to calm and clear.