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Herbier - Your Nurturing Ritual

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Discover the Herbier box set, your nurturing ritual for a pure moment of well-being that combines the benefits of a flawless technique with skincare.

This box set contains the essentials for smooth, radiant skin:

- Face beauty oil with everlasting flower essential oil. A smoothing and nourishing oil, renowned for its antioxidant properties. Made from only 5 ingredients of 100% natural origin, this massage bar gives your skin exactly what it needs and nothing more.

As a gift:

- A pink cotton muslin headband to beautifully reveal your face as you apply the care.
- A Gua Sha made from jade, renowned for its relaxing properties for well-being and for the mind, to sculpt and tone your skin.

Ideal For: All skin types

Texture: Oil

Presentation: Bottle of 30ml