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The Luxe Editions

Sonic Face Cleanser

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The Luxe Editions Sonic Face Cleanser is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.

It’s an amazing deep cleansing tool that has so many benefits for your skin!

You can use it in the shower and it comes with its own USB chord that plugs into your phone charger. 

Made from Silica Gel, The Sonic Face Cleanser is bacteria and is bacteria-resistant. 

It's beautifully presented in its own gift box, too! Plus, this device will make you feel clean and fresh faced every time you use it.

This product is great for all skin types – even sensitive ones. With + (plus) and - (minus) settings you can choose the strength of the pulses to suit any skin condition. For a deep cleanse, you can increase the pulses and for a more sensitive or sensitised skin, reduce the speed to a lower setting.

Use this waterproof, hand-held device in the shower to perfectly cleanse and prep your skin.

Apply your cleanser to your face and gently massage with your Sonic Face Cleanser.