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Suprême Jeunesse Le Regard

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Total youth eye contour care with Youth Process complex 

Specific skincare to act on the delicate eye contour area. Ideal in the morning for the features and to light up the eyes, and in the evening for infinite regeneration.

Contained at the heart of the fragrance-free formula, the Youth Process complex boosts the skin's overworked natural defences.
Its fine, silky texture leaves a soft, satiny veil on the eye contour. Fragrance-free.

Ideal For: All Skin Types

Texture: Fine and silky cream

Application RitualAfter thoroughly cleansing skin, apply morning and evening to the delicate eye contour area.

ResultsThe fascinating power of the eyes is revealed: they look younger and fresher.

Your Payot Beauty TipIdeal in the morning to smooth the features and brighten the look in the evening for infinite skin regeneration.