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Roselift Collagène Jour

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Lifting Cream

Discover the Roselift Collagène and its dual redensifying and lifting action. Its unique formulas combine a collagen-boosting peptide with a patented active ingredient derived from Damask rose.

Roselift Collagène Jour is a lifting care enriched with oat extract, to apply in the morning when you wake up. It acts as a true mechanical tightener with a lifting, shape memory texture. Skin is toned and full of vitality.

You’ll love its fragrance with rosy, fruity and woody floral notes.

Ideal For: All skin types

Texture: Shape memory oil texture

Application Ritual: Apply from the centre of the face and work outwards with light smoothing movements, from the neck towards the forehead. Drum over the whole face and neck.

Results: Skin is more radiant. Women feel more in harmony with their age. The facial features are lifted.

Your Payot Beauty Tip: Use the Concentré Rose Lift Collagène before your Rose Lift Jour for a complete action.