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Pâte Grise Stop Pimple Original Paste

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Pâte Originale Stop Bouton

A must-have since 1920, Pâte Grise is being reinvented to become the Stop pimple original paste to offer even greater effectiveness, naturalness and sensory appeal.

Inspired by the latest scientific advances on the imbalance of the microbiome, its new formula combines probiotics, meadowsweet extract and a duo of glycolic and lactic acids.

Made from 97% ingredients of natural origin, this product stops the development of spots from the first night when applied locally to the spot at bedtime. Enriched with Organic Tea Tree essential oil, renowned for its antibacterial and purifying action, it instantly calms the spot.

Night after night, the balance of the cutaneous flora is restored and the appearance of imperfections is reduced.

Its new creamy, airy texture with mattifying green clay dries on the skin in just a few seconds and does not stain the sheets. 

Its advantage: No synthetic fragrances, just the fresh, woody, lemony notes of tea tree essential oil.