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Crème N°2 L'Originale

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Anti-irritant, anti-redness treatment care

Almost 100 years ago, Nadia Payot selected plant extracts with calming and soothing properties to create CRÈME N°2.

This salve with a unique delivery form, and a pharmaceutical compound-like formula, combines the virtues of phytotherapy and aromatherapy and acts as genuine emergency care to soothe irritation locally and reduce temporary redness.


Ideal For: All Skin Types

Texture: Ointment

Application Ritual: Bandage-like softness: Apply a thick layer to irritated areas and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove the excess with a cotton pad. Prevent irritation and redness: Apply Crème N°2 in a thin layer to any sensitive areas.

ResultsUpon application, comfort and well-being are restored to the skin.

Your Payot Beauty Tip: As a night mask - Apply Crème N°2 to the face and leave to work overnight. In the morning, the skin is comfortable and soothed, it regains suppleness and softness.